Patent Applications: Tariffs



1. Filing Application (excluding drafting or revision of specification) (1.16) 
  Accompanied by complete specification in the first instance, including, claiming priority and reporting letter 1086,00
  Delay of acceptance (excludes official fee) 401,00
  Subsequent receipt and filing of outstanding documents, from 254,00
  Acceptance and Publication (Grant of Patent) 401,00
  Obtaining Letters Patent and Forwarding to Patentee 401,00
  Correction of Clerical Error (minimum charge) 401,00
  Voluntary amendment of specification prior to acceptance (minimum charge) 516,00
2. Recording Assignment, Licence or Notice of Interest  
  One patent 492,00
3. Renewals  
  3.1 Paying renewal fees on South African patent:  
  3.1.1 4th to 6th year, per year 273,00
  3.1.2 7th to 8th year, per year 267,00
  3.1.3 9th to 10th year, per year 270,00
  3.1.4 11th to 12th year, per year 276,00
  3.1.5 13th to 14th year, per year 282,00
  3.1.6 15th to 16th year, per year 286,00
  3.1.7 17th to 18th year, per year 290,00
  3.1.8 19th to 20th year, per year 299,00
  3.2 Extension of time for paying renewal fees in South Africa:  
  3.2.1 One month’s extension 130,00
  3.2.2 For each additional month up to a maximum of 6 months ADD 16,00
4. Searches  
  Inspecting patent register in respect of:  
  One patent or application 176,00
  each additional patent or application 52,00
  Name index search in respect of:  
  the first name searched, from 233,00
  each additional name searched at the same time, from 111,00
  Subject matter search costs are partly time based and partly dependent on disbursements such as computer online costs  
5. Drafting of documents, litigation and consultations  
  Per hour, depending upon the seniority of the patent attorney, see 6.5 below  
6. General  
  6.1 Receiving, perusing and preparing any document (per folio) (depending on complexity, time taken, etc.) 41 - 82
  6.2 Typing documents (per folio and where not included in 1 above) 23,00
  6.3 Translations from French or German (including typing) per 100 words, from 38,00
  6.4 Photocopies (per page) 1,60
  6.5 Professional time charge (per hour) 6.5.1 qualified practitioner 423,00
  6.5.2 practitioner qualified for 10 years or more, from 516,00


When is a Trade Mark Not a Trade Mark?

Posted on Jun 28, 2023.

There are two ways in which trade mark rights can be acquired in South Africa. The first is statutorily through registration in terms of the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993, and the second is in terms of the common law through use thereof only.

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