HH ARIPO Trademark

Member States (Banjul Protocol):  Botswana, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and São Tomé and Principe.

1.     Filing requirements

1.1 Full name, street address and description of the applicant (including trading style, if any, and state/country of incorporation, if incorporated).

1.2 List of goods and/or services.

1.3 A simply signed power of attorney.

1.4 Clear print of device mark.

1.5 If Convention priority is claimed, a certified true copy of priority documents, together with a verified English translation if appropriate.

2.     Classification

2.1 The 45 classes of the International classification (10th Edition) of goods and services are followed for Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.  The 34 classes of the International classification of goods are followed for Malawi.

2.2 Paris Convention priority may be claimed when application is filed.

2.3 Multiclass - YES.

3.     General

3.1 Duration: 10 years from date of application and renewable for further periods of 10 years.

      Duration if priority claimed: 10 years from priority date and renewable from further periods of 10 years.

3.2 Use: Determined on a purely national basis.  In most contracting countries, within five years of registration and thereafter, non-use for a continuous period of five years or longer may render a registration vulnerable to removal by an aggrieved party.

3.3 Marking: Not compulsory but highly recommended.

3.4 Licenses: Are permitted.

3.5 Assignments: Assignment of applications permissible.

4.     Costs USD

4.1 Application: 1 mark in 1 class designating 1 state $1080.00 additional states amounting to $290.00 per state.

4.2 Application: Additional classes filed simultaneously $165.00 per state.

4.3 Publication/ registration fee: 1 mark in 1 class designating 1 state $290.00; each additional class $175.00; each additional state $200.00.

4.4 Claiming priority: $95.00 each.

4.5 Assignment: First trade mark $520.00 per designated state, additional classes filed simultaneously $190.00 each per designated state.

4.6 Recordal of change of name or address: First trade mark (per designated state) $300.00, additional marks filed simultaneously (per designated state) $100.00 each.

4.7 Renewal: One mark/class designating 1 state $820.00;  each additional state $280.00, additional classes renewed simultaneously - per state $175.00 each.

4.8 Searches: From $400.00 (ARIPO search covers the database at ARIPO only and will not cover the national offices which you may wish to designate. Therefore, the national office may still raise an objection when the application is filed at ARIPO).

*Please note that Malawi does not have service marks.

**Above quotations exclude courier charges.

***Please also note that the application and registration fee covers the filing costs, normal prosecution, advertisement and registration costs of the application only.  Additional costs could well arise upon examination of the application which are difficult to estimate as it would depend on the various requirements raised by the Registrar i.e. disclaimers, admissions etc.

****Please further note that publication and registration fees are dependable on the year in which the mark reaches registration.



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