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Information on the filing of Patents, Designs and trademarks in Burundi

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Patent protection in Burundi is available via a national filing. Burundi is a member of the International Convention, but is not a member of PCT.

The requirements for filing an application in Burundi are as follows:
a) a power of attorney - simply signed;
b) an assignment of invention - notarised;
c) a copy of the specification (including claims, abstract and drawings) in the French language; and
d) a certified copy of the priority application with a verified translation thereof into the French language.

Documents a) and c) are required on the day of filing, document d) must be filed within 3 months, and there is no set deadline for the filing of document b).

The cost of filing a patent application in Burundi is currently in the region of between about US$ 3000.00 and US$ 3200.00 assuming we are provided with French versions of documents c) and d). To this must be added about US$ 40.00 for each claim over 10 and about US$ 40.00 for each priority claim.

Should it be required, we can assist with the preparation of any translation from English to French at a cost of US$ 30.00 per 100 words.



1. Filing requirements

1.1 Full name, street address and description of the applicant (including trading style, if any, and state/country of incorporation, if incorporated)
1.2 List of goods and/or services
1.3 A simply signed power of attorney
1.4 Clear print of device mark
1.5 If Convention priority is claimed: a certified copy of the basic application together with a verified French translation thereof

2. Classification

2.1 The International classification of goods in classes 1 - 34 is followed.
2.2 Multiclass - Yes

3. General

3.1 Duration: 10 years from date of application and renewable for further periods of 10 years
3.2 Use : Not required but advisable.
3.3 Marking : Not required, but advisable.
3.4 Licenses : No provision to record a license officially. Licensees can be appointed by private contract.
3.5 Assignments : Of pending applications are permitted.
3.6 Searches available within approximately 2-3 weeks from instruction and are conducted on an online official register

4. Costs US$

4.1a Application: 1-3 classes: $1540, additional classes filed simultaneously $270 each
4.1b Additional trade marks filed simultaneously $1390 each

4.1c Registration fees: $225 per mark
4.1d Claiming priority: $60
4.2 Assignment: First trade mark $990, additional trade marks filed simultaneously $740 each
4.3 Change of name or address: First trade mark $780, additional marks filed simultaneously $670 each.
4.4a Renewal: 1-3 classes $1025, additional classes renewed simultaneously $270 each
4.4b Additional marks renewed simultaneously $910 each
4.4c Late renewal fine: $115 per mark
4.5 Search: 1 mark in 1 class: $610; additional marks $510 each

*** Above quotations exclude courier charges ***